Kid Icarus Uprising Videos from Nintendo Direct plus other information

Well, there were enough of them that I think they deserved their own post to be honest, along with some analysis of the game’s various features.  First of all, here’s the original Japanese trailer/footage of the game:

Next, the English trailers.  Bizarrely, it seems Nintendo of Europe/America/whoever split the above footage in multiple videos, so we’ve got one with the interview, one about the weapons and one about the multiplayer:

And some information about the game people might find interesting to know:

Light vs. Dark: An interesting sounding multiplayer mode where people are split into two teams, and the teams each have a health bar which goes down when players are killed.  The last player becomes an angel when the health bar for their team reaches zero, and when they’re killed the other team wins.  Nice concept!

Free-for-All: Points based multiplayer fights, which can include AI opponents.  Obviously, everyone is out to get everyone here.

Both these modes can be played either offline or online, and if there are less than six players in a match, the remaining spots are taken by the CPU.

Weapon wise, the weapons you collect in single player can be used in multiplayer, and you can also get rewarded with new ones in multiplayer when you do well.  Weapons can also be fused to mix the abilities of each, and these fused weapons can also be used in multiplayer/online.

You can also share your fused weapons through StreetPass.  Weapons shared this way become gems that have to be converted into the original weapon by paying hearts, and gems themselves can also be merged to give you more powerful weapons.

On top of all that, here are even more screenshots showing the multiplayer modes:

From all that footage and screenshots, I have to say Kid Icarus Uprising is looking to be one of the best 3DS games ever, and maybe even an all time great multiplayer title.  Is this game going to be a nearly perfect experience?


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