Japanese Twitter users fooled by Fake Pikachu Evolution (Pokemon X and Y related)

Fake Pikachu Evo

The game’s only had a single trailer and people were already believing rumours about fake Pokemon?  Guess that’s a new record, even for the Pokemon series.  But yes, apparently a fake Pikachu evolution has been popular over in Japan and has been posted a lot on Twitter.

Here’s what it looked like:

Fake Pikachu Evo


They apparently called it ‘Kaenchu’, named after the Japanese word for flame or blaze and said it was able to generate thermal power and cause hydrogen explosions.

Of course, this was a blatantly fake rumour, the chance of a Pikachu evolution in gen 6 is pretty unlikely given the popularity of Pikachu and how it’s not had any new evolved or pre evolved forms since Pichu was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver.  But people bought right into it hook line and sinker and posted all about it on Twitter.

Turns out the image was faked by random idiots on 2ch (a large general discussion forum in Japan that tends to be their version of every other forum in the world at once).  People went crazy, the picture was deleted from people’s accounts and all kinds of drama ensued.

All in all?  Let this be a lesson not to take everything you read online at face value and not to buy into Pokemon rumours posted on random internet forums. Because people just aren’t skeptical enough these days.





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Uh, “These days.” That’s the biggest joke I never laughed at. People haven’t changed. They never will. You’ve got to admit, that picture looks pretty legit. I guess I would’ve believed it too, at first glance.


Dude. If pikachu already has 3 evolutions…then why the heck would they…?

*facepalm to the max*


This would of been a really cool evolution. Instead they had to make it a prank. Are they really trying that hard to make people hate pokemon?