Is this the official box art for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

It’s not been confirmed by Nintendo, but it looks legitimate enough and I’d be perfectly happy if it did turn out to be real.  Have a look at the picture below:

Much of it seems to be fairly legit.  The box art looks pretty much how you’d expect a 3DS game’s box art to look and the format seems accurate for that for a game released in Europe.

The age rating is pretty much believable too.  Yes it’s strange this game would get a 7+ rating when most Mario games get a 3+ one, but PEGI are… very odd when it comes to rating games outside the mainstream Mario series.  For instance, not one main series Mario game in history got above 3+ for the age rating, and only two Donkey Kong games (Jungle Beat and Konga something, the latter for swearing) did either despite much use of guns, some nightmarish elements and various other things.  Meanwhile, every Wario or Mega Man games gets a 7+ rating, so maybe they’d find something non kid friendly about Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon somehow.

The real interesting thing if this is real is the Nintendo Network logo at the top.  Now, Nintendo have pretty much officially shut down the idea of 2 player co-op in the game as evidenced by a story posted many months ago, but what possible feature in a Luigi’s Mansion game would require online?  Only thing I can picture is downloadable content, maybe additional mansions to explore for a price.  Or perhaps online leaderboards for money found in each one.

So is the box art real then?  Well I kind of suspect it is to be honest, it looks professional enough, uses a recognisable piece of artwork like that used on the front of every other Nintendo game and the format of the box doesn’t seem too inaccurate.  But what’s this Nintendo Network thing about then?


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