Is this a list of all Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolutions?

Take a look at this chart I found posted on a forum online.  It’s rumoured to be a full list of the Mega Evolutions from X and Y, and has an absolute ton of Pokemon that are supposedly due to get such a form:


Not too bad eh?  Well, then you see one of the Pokemon in the picture more closely…


Oh god.  Can you imagine how ridiculously broken a Mega Garchomp would be?  The thing was already kicked upstairs to the uber tier in the last generation or so, and it was only unbanned in recent years due to a few rule changes.  Now imagine how ridiculously broken it’d be with a mega form with even HIGHER stats and an even more broken ability…

Yeah, that’s a scary prospect.  Garchomp with Moody or Sheer Force as an ability?  Goodbye game balance…

Still, it’s likely the list is fake anyway, so it’s not anything to worry about yet.  What do you think about the possible list of Pokemon with a Mega Evolution?

13 thoughts on “Is this a list of all Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolutions?”

  1. Fake. It’s just a bunch of fan favourites. Also, if Zoroark’s signature ability is Illusion (which allows it to take on the form of the last Pokémon in the party), how the hell is a Mega Zoroark gonna work?

  2. most of the pokemon on this list already been those pokemon are Venusaur,Charizard,Blastoise,Mewtwo with y and x version,Blaziken,Lucario,Mawile,Absol,Ampharos,Kangaskhan and Garchomp and they have been confrimed as well and since there on this list it real alright unless prove it fake it not.

  3. Wow, this is probably real….. I mean, through leaks and stuff from people in italy and (i think) canada can get the game early. These are the pokemon with mega evolutions…… Venasaur, Charizard (2 forms), Blastoise, Gengar, Kangaskhan, Mewtwo (2 forms), Ampharos, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Mawile, Absol, Garchomp, and Lucario. Also, a new info/leak. It seems that there is a new legendary starting with the letter ‘Z’, and is shaped like a snake because of the norse mythology and stuff (look it up!). It is probably the “mascot” for the most likely arriving pokemon Z. It is called “Zygarde.” Google it! Or Yahoo! Search it, or just used bing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Wait, I think this is fake as they didn’t mention aerodactyl, and yes the pokemon has a mega evo.

  4. well, it DOES say “mega” at the top of the page there. maybe it’s a list of some of the pokemon that’ll get mega evos, like a teaser? hence not all of them being on there. i dunno. i just want a mega arcanine

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