Is Nintendo Working on Mario Party 10?

Ever since Mario Party 9 was a success in 2012 and the Wii U concept lent itself very well to the Mario Party series, people have been wondering when a new Mario Party game would be released for the Wii U.  But could this day really be coming soon?  A domain Nintendo owns might well suggest it could.

Yes, Nintendo apparently own the domain name ‘’.  Go to the address and it redirects you to Nintendo’s official website.  And a quick WHOIS lookup suggests that the domain was indeed registered to Nintendo of America by standard Nintendo associated company Melbourne IT:

So could this be evidence of a new game?  It’s not the only Nintendo owned URL that hints at a possible Mario Party title, they also seem to own the domain ‘’ too.  Here’s what you see when you go there:

This Internet address is being managed by Melbourne IT DBS for one of the world’s top brands. At the present time there is no active Web Site for the address. It may be under construction, or the owner may have reserved the address for future needs.

However, a few things do make me skeptical.  For example, note the registered on and expiry date addresses.  The former were in 2010 and 2011, the latter are both due later this year.  So while Nintendo does indeed own them, the early registration gives quite a bit of credence to the theory that they were just planning to stop domain name squatters holding them hostage for a large of sum of money or scammers trying to pass themselves off as Nintendo with official sounding website names.

Still, it’s not all bad news.  I mean, the Mario Party 3DS domain was registered long before anyone had even considered the idea possible, so it does make me think Nintendo or someone associated with them may have considered making such a game early in the console’s lifespan.  And while these ‘similar’ domains are indeed owned by Nintendo, it’s not as if their anti cybersquatting efforts have been too successful elsewhere.

Mario Party Wii  Owned by an anonymous person called ‘Yazan Barghuthi’.  Mario Party  Not registered surprisingly enough.  And some bandwagon hopping people trying to make quick money have apparently registered the domains for Mario Party 11, 12 and 13.  Maybe Nintendo are indeed working on something and registered the domain for the 10th game on purpose, it’s not like they’ve done much about most other possible names.

So could Nintendo be working on a new Mario Party game?  And more interestingly, could it turn out the game’s for the 3DS given that a 3DS related Mario Party domain was also registered a few years back?


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9 years ago

I hope they take out the car, i really didn’t like it. If they do it right i will be awesome on wii u