Is Mega Gengar Pokemon X and Y’s Big Game Breaker?

In a generation introducing Mega Evolution, Fairy types and a ton of other such competitive multiplayer altering mechanics, there have been a lot of predictions about what things in Pokemon X and Y would completely devastate the metagame.  Type changes would wreck Metagross and Hydreigion, Xerneas would crush the Ubers scene simply by being a Fairy among the Dragons, Mega Mewtwo would be broken in general… you name it, people have considered it as potentially overpowered.

But even among this stuff, a new Pokemon forme has emerged that might challenge them all for ‘most broken thing in the Pokemon X and Y metagame’.  It is…

Mega Gengar

No really.  This thing from the below picture is apparently a massive danger to the competitive scene:

Why is this you may ask?  Well up to now, people never really knew what ability it had.  So for all we know, it could just have the (useful but not game breaking) Levitate or some useless new ability no one cares about, making it just the equivalent of another legendary for the higher tiers.

Then however the horrifying truth came out.  Mega Gengar… has Shadow Tag.

Above: People now go into panic mode.

Yes, that ability that terrified people when they realised Chandelure could get it from the Dream World.  The one that got Wobbuffet kicked upstairs for two generations due to its brokenness.  And it’s been given to a new form of Gengar with uber tier level stats…

But it gets worse still.  You know what other moves Gengar can get?

Destiny Bond and Perish Song.

Oh yes.  The move that auto KOs anyone who KOs it first, and the move that wipes out everything on the field in three turns.  So you’ve now got a Pokemon with cover mascot level stats and great attacking moves, who can trap its opponents in battle, and who can both take them down when they KO it and wipe out itself and the opponent in a guaranteed three turns to boot.

That has to be one of the scariest things even possible in the series.  Add a typing that resists Fairy moves (it apparently keeps Ghost/Poison typing when Mega Evolved) and outright immunities to Normal and Fighting type attacks, and what you’ve got is the type of monster that the likes of Smogon will probably kick upstairs to Ubers near instantly.

Still, look on the bright side!  At least we don’t have Encore as a Move Tutor move or TM… yet.  That would be even more ridiculous.  I mean, just imagine the sheer horror on your opponent’s face when they accidentally use a Fighting type move on Gengar, it Mega Evolves and uses Encore, then just uses Perish Song while they’re helplessly left flailing around and completely unable to damage you or switch out.

But even without this, the Pokemon is broken in general.  God help anyone playing these games competitively when this thing ends up on everyone’s teams…


27 thoughts on “Is Mega Gengar Pokemon X and Y’s Big Game Breaker?”

    1. Good speed though. All it has to do is get Destiny Bond in play and a sweeper won’t matter. Its a tactical nuke that will kill anything it goes up against. Sure, it’ll go down as well, but sacrificing one of yours to take down something ungodly of theirs is sometimes worth it.

      1. Not to mention that if it gets a perish song off, it can destiny bond until two moves are over and then it can switch out and watch you die

  1. Just Sucker Punch it with Bisharp, Houndoom, etc. it’s pretty weak in the Def. department. It probably won’t be that broken. Also Shadow Tag doesn’t affect other Ghosts, and since Mega!Gengar still has a Ghost weakness…

    1. The problem here is that mega gengar is not used often as a starter. Therefore, the trainer can choose when to send in gengar and mega it. most likely, a good trainer will send it in against something like kangeskhan, togatic, etc. also, there is always the chance that the opponent doesnt have a ghost type or that their ghost type isnt in play when gengar comes in.

  2. wow…So I am guessing the person who wrote this does not know, when facing another player you can only mega evolve your Pokemon if the opponent has one too. i.e. If they don’t you don’t either.

    1. Not even close to true, I battled my friend who just started the game and Mega evolved my Lucario for fun to show him it.

  3. My favourite pokemon just got alot scarier. Im surely going to experiment with different sets on this thing.

  4. One question though… Mega Evolution seems to take place during the combat turn. What if the other player can still switch out before it evolves and gains shadow tag?

    1. Switching takes priority over Mega Evolution, so you’re fine. But bear in mind that Gengar, once he evolves, is never going back. If he switches out, they can bring in Mega Gengar, complete with Shadow Tag, at any point once again.

  5. Mega Kangaskhan beats Mega Gengar any day. Double Sucker Punch damage or double Earthquake while immune to Shadowball.

    1. i dont think you understand. gengar has a higher speed stat, thus if it hits a perish song without dying, then all it has to do is destiny bond for 2 turns and switch out to kill you. if not, then both kangeskhan and gengar die

      1. I have not had one time when a gengar out sped my kangaskhan because for the turn they mega evolve in their none mega speed stat is what matters so I have one hit every one with bite no problem. even a properly trained gengar would need the right nature and iv to out speed kangeskhan so basically it would have to be a speed focused gengar. not common in my experience, and tghen there is protean greninja but that’s another argument

        1. zodlion dude what are u talkin about. gengar’s base speed is 110 and kangaskhan’s is mere 90. i dont know what u mean by ‘properly’ trained gengar but assuming they both have perfect ivs, beneficial nature and the right ev set, gengar will straight up outspeed and hit harder than kangaskhan anyday. anyway the point is not this. the point is that people like u and ian up there dont have the slightest idea why mega gengar is such a broken piece of crap. the idea is to send in mega gengar on somthing that counters ur sweeper, namely walls, and eliminate it via destiny bond or perish song so ur sweeper can then go on a rampage. and it’s a 100% GUARANTEE that mega gengar will net u at least one kill. nobody uses mega gengar to primarilly dish out dmg via shadow ball and hit everything neutrally. life orb gengar outperfroms mega gengar in that field. they use mega gengar to eliminate virtually any wall in the game so ur opponent is left helpless against ur sweeper.

    2. Aye, but if it’s going for Perish Song, Sucker Punch will have no effect since it isn’t an attacking move. So now you’ve wasted a turn, and it’s set up the move. A smart trainer will then spam status moves instead (i.e. sub) making your Sucker Punch useless (as well as Earthquake since it’ll be behind a sub.

  6. Mega Mawile is pretty good also. All you have to do is sword dance then hide behind sucker punch. It also is supremely well paired with it’s new ability, huge power. Mega Mewtwo X is one of my faves too. The physical attacker kicks butt with psycho cut, power-up punch/brick break, earthquake/stone edge, and poison jab/stone edge. I put 252 in ATK, 252 in HP (might have been a bad idea), and 4 in SP-DEF. He would be a good counter for Mega Gengar.

    1. A Mega Mawile that has no other dark type moves other than sucker punch will have issue against a Mega Gengar who carries Perish Song and Substitute (Sucker Punch doesn’t work on status moves). So you’d have to go through Sub first, wasting a turn of Perish Song. Oh, but wait, it outspeeds you next turn so it goes for Sub again…. GG RIP Mawile :3

  7. Don’t pay attention Smogon and their ban lists. They are fascists. They are trying to tell you how you HAVE to play the game. No one is allowed to do that except Nintendo

  8. Mega Gengar has Shadow Tag so you can’t escape. Then it uses perish song. Spams protect and sub. When perish song is about to kill Gengar, switch out. Destiny Bond for last resort.

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