Is Mario & Luigi Paper Jam The Glitchiest Ever 3DS Game?

Over here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve already posted a fair amount about the bugs in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam. From the game breaking glitch that spawns impassible fences and randomly causes mission side effects in the overworld, to the instant battle glitch and the ability to have Paper Mario venture out on his own, it’s like every new day brings yet another game changing glitch for the game.

But even then, after all that… people are STILL finding major bugs in this game. Yes, we may have managed to win battles by losing them, skip three quarters of the game and have everyone in the party go off their own, but the bugs keep coming in. Like these ones, which somehow manage to reduce the amount of gameplay time down even further than before. Want to avoid fighting a single boss? Want to beat the whole game without Trio Grab? Sure, why not:

Don’t like how long Neo Bowser Castle is taking? Oh hey, there’s a glitch for that too!

Heck, it’s so insane that A+Start made a twenty minutes long ‘Son of a Glitch’ episode about the game:

Amusingly, some of the bugs there let you replace Luigi with another Mario or have him swapped out for a Green Toad. Cause hey, we don’t just have solo characters now, we’re actually adding new ones! Mario & Green Toad Paper Jam? Mario & Mario Paper Jam? Sure, okay.

And that’s only the positive stuff! Think this game is remotely stable? Wonder how often it crashes? Well, wonder no more, because apparently the game likes to keel over dead at seemingly random instances.

Like when Paper Mario tries to walk on ice:

When you try and break the wrong rocks:

When you select the wrong mission in the wrong circumstances:

When the game somehow lets you warp to a non existent pipe:

Heck, even when an enemy does an attack that Paper Mario can’t cope with on his own:

Either way, it’s both hilarious and depressing at the same time. Hilarious, because thanks to all these sequence breaks, the record for the game is now roughly at about one hour and thirty minutes… and getting lower by the day. So we’ll have people beating a full blown RPG in their lunch break, or during that movie/TV show that some friend/family member/spouse forced them to sit through.

And depressing because… well, the testers are likely going to be unemployed within the next few days. Nintendo’s sure not gonna want to keep around people that missed everything from ‘skip half the game’ to ‘turn off collision detection’ to ‘failed to spot crash glitches everywhere’. The Kyoto and Redmond unemployment benefits list is likely going to be growing substantially in the near future…

But what do you think? Is Mario & Luigi Paper Jam now officially the most broken, glitchiest 3DS game ever made?


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