Is Junction Point Shutting Down?

Well, that’s what the latest rumours are saying, and I’d go as far as to say they might be plausible.  The first piece of potential evidence is a Twitter post by Roberts Space Industries, who have gone and talked about a ‘salute for a studio’ and said ‘farewell to Junction Point’.  Here’s the Tweet in question:

To add fuel to the fire, George Broussard from 3D Realms then added that:

It’s not a confirmation of any kind, but it seems like he’s at least hinting the studio could be closing its doors with the talk of warning signs and employees given two months off after the last game shipped.

But is this true? Well obviously it’s kind of hard to tell, Disney haven’t come out and said one way or the other and the studio themselves aren’t saying much either, but I think there’s a fair chance it might be.

Why? Because for one thing, Disney’s Epic Mickey the Power of Two has not been well received in the slightest. Reviews are overwhelmingly negative with average scores ranging from 56 to 67% on Game Rankings and 56 to 64% on Metacritic, and sales have been comparatively abysmal compared to those of the original game with it only selling 270 000 across four systems prior to the end 2012 (the original sold over 1.3 million copies in this time frame). That’s not good for what’s basically the only series Junction Point has ever made, especially not in a time where even critically acclaimed and million selling games have been known to bankrupt studios due to their high production costs.

Additionally, at least one article about Disney Infinity talked about how they ‘used to make a seperate Epic Mickey game’ but were now planning to simply add content as expansions to Disney Infinity. Could this be predicting the end too?

So while it’s still a rumour, it seems incredibly likely that Junction Point will be closing down shortly and that Epic Mickey will be nothing more than a memory in a few days time.



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