Is Castlevania Mirror of Fate coming to 3DS Soon?

It’s only a rumoured game so far, but considering how common the Castlevania series is on Nintendo’s handhelds (every single one had at least two or three of them to its name), it seems like a fairly plausible one.

However, there are some interesting things about it. Namely, if the game happens to be real, it’s not being made by Konami themselves, but by Mercury Steam.  Still thankfully a 2D game, just by a very different development studio.  They do have experience with the franchise however, their last game was the Castlevania ‘reboot’ Lords of Shadow that was released in 2010.  May we be getting another such game, except this time as a 3DS title?

Never the less, the game will be reviewed at E3 this year if it exists.  And hey, we need to get another Castlevania title soon, right?  For a Nintendo handheld, it’s kind of disappointing we didn’t get one mere months after launch to be perfectly honest…

Do you think this rumoured Castlevania title is real, and would you want such a game on 3DS?


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