Is a new Donkey Kong Country game being shown at E3 this year?

As in, a possible sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns?  Because that seems to be one possibility as to the game a certain Eurogamer staff member is hinting to on Twitter, saying the internet will go bananas when its shown.

And for obvious reasons, what franchise does the word ‘bananas’ immediately bring to mind?  In the same way people have considered Aonuma’s Zelda swapnote message a hint to a ‘New Legend of Zelda’ game due to the capitalising of the New in the message, it seems to be commonly thought that the use of the word bananas was a deliberate reference to the mystery game.

If it is a Donkey Kong Country game, then you can expect it to be a really good one, the tweets suggest it’s an amazing game which will make a ton of people online extremely happy.  Maybe the return of Kremlings, animal buddies and other Kongs or something?  Because a new game shown with say, K Rool shown as the villain would definitely cause people online to freak out, would it not?

Here are the tweets in question:

And even if its not a Donkey Kong Country game, some of the ideas suggested would be impressive announcements.  Some say its Halo 4 or the next Unreal Engine, heck, I bet some people call Smash Bros or Call of Duty or Pokemon Grey.  Either way, that’s one awesome game reveal to look forward to soon.

What game do you think this Johnny Minkley is hinting at?


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8 years ago

Man how I hope this is true. None in our luck though, he’s probably just said “bananas” without it actually meaning anything, and we’ve all misinterpreted it by accident out of excitement.

I really wouldn’t mind a DKCR2 with a few more Kongs and animal buddies though. *drools*

8 years ago

i’m really hoping for a donkey kong 64 sequel!