Is a Crash Bandicoot Reboot Imminent?

The series may have been dormant for many years now, but is now the time the series could be making a return?

It seems so, because game development studio Vicarious Visions seems to have a rather interesting poster in their office:

Vivarious Visions Studio

Look in the back left corner behind the right hand guy with the Moustache.  Seems like they’ve got a picture showing a new Crash Bandicoot design displayed on the wall!  Here’s a close up of the poster so you can see it a bit more clearly:

Crash Bandicoot poster


Does this imply that a reboot or sequel is in the works over there and that the Crash Bandicoot series might not be entirely dead yet?  I sort of hope so, the series did have quite a few fans back in the day and I’m sure it’d be a great series to bring back for a modern audience!



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The poster is a unused beta crash bandicoot design.
It will be more cool making it a bit more tall and resize the hands.