Interview; Luigi’s Mansion 2 Composer Chad York Answers Questions about the Soundtrack

Luigi’s Mansion 2 has a fantastic soundtrack, but do you want to know what the actual composer has to say about it?  Well it seems like you’re in luck, since the Nintendo Sheet Music forums have an interview topic where members can put questions to him and have him answer them.  There’s a lot of great info about how the game’s soundtrack came to be there, such as…

2. How inspired were you by Kazumi Totaka’s score for the original 2001 Luigi’s Mansion? Was the development team able to collaborate with Totaka for this game?

Well we paid homage to it by remixing “EGadd’s Theme” in a couple of variations.  I think that both this game and it’s predecessor fall into the style of classic spooky cliches.  We drew a lot on old classic cartoons of which there are probably too many to name.

as well as:

-musicians that inspire you
Wow.  That’s a big one.  Too many to list, but probably the biggest ones are the guys I get to work with Darren and Mike.  Alex our other Audio Director at NLG.  These guys are so great to work with and really make the whole process a lot of fun and inspiring!!

In terms of other inspiration (in no order):  Miles Davis, Paul Simon, John Scofield, Stravinsky, John Lewis, Mozart, Shoenberg, Elmer Bernstein, John Williams, Michael Giacchino, Sting, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Astor Piazolla, Paco De Lucia, Bill Evans, Sonny Rollins, …the list is endless as long as it’s good, I get inspired!!

So yes, if you want to read about how the game’s soundtrack came to be, what influences Mr York’s musical style and all kinds of other such neat stuff, check out the topic over at Nintendo Sheet Music today!  It’s definitely worth a read!

Above: Some music composed by this fellow


Q & A With Chad York – Nintendo Sheet Music Forums


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