Insane Pokemon Sun and Moon Hacks Make Games Significantly More Difficult

Did you ever think Pokemon Sun and Moon were too easy?

That the EXP Share made everything a little too simplistic?

Well if so, you’re going to love this new mod by Kobazco from GBATemp! Named Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon, the mod basically ‘fixes’ the game so things are much more difficult than before. For example, now you have:

  • Every trial captain and Kahuna having a full team of 6 Pokemon
  • A far more difficult level curve. So you have to have a team in the high 70s/low 80s by the Elite Four.
  • Moveset changes for Pokemon (to make them more usable)
  • Changes to the wild Pokemon encounters, so new species will appear.
  • Enemy Pokemon having better EVs and IVs. So opponent trainers have Pokemon with ‘perfect’ stats now.

And heck, you’ve even got extra bonus bosses now! Why? Because all those opponents from the Battle Tree will now appear outside of it too. So you’ll be able to fight characters like Wally and Cynthia in normal fights now too.

It all makes the game significantly harder, and perhaps better suited for anyone that’s breezed through the previous titles in the series. Indeed, it’s so much harder than the creator themselves has blacked out multiple times while testing the game. That’s got to count for something, right?

Either way, here are a few screenshots of the title:

Pokemon Rising Sun Intro

Welcome to the Alola Region!

Pokemon Rising Sun vs Guzma

Wait, Guzma has 6 Pokemon now?

Pokemon Rising Sun Wally

You can now face off against Battle Tree opponents in normal gameplay!

Pokemon Rising Sun Wally Battle

Pokemon Rising Sun Cynthia Battl

Though they’re brutally hard battles now!

Pokemon Rising Sun Kiawe

Pokemon Rising Sun Hau

As well as the topic where you’ll be able to find it for yourself:

[WIP] Pokemon Rising Sun/Waning Moon (GBATemp Forums)

But what do you think about these mods? Are you going to try out Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon any time soon? And if so, how much trouble do you expect to have with the games?


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