Impossible and Mystery Adventures New Super Mario Bros 2 Packs announced!

And by impossible, I mean the nearest thing the New Super Mario Bros has to kaizo level impossible, it’s supposedly another super difficult pack of coin rush levels with a five star difficult rating.  For one thing, there are absolutely zero coins or power ups in any of the levels, so your coin total is solely dependant on how quickly you reach the flag.  And for another thing, levels include stuff like multiple Cheep Chomps in narrow passages, Fire Chomps in narrow firebar lined wall kick passageways and rising acid in what seems to be another layer 2 like level.

The Mystery Adventures pack on the other hand has you uncover mysteries and find hidden areas in the levels where most of the coins and bonuses await.

Here’s a video from IGN showing both of them in action:

These packs will be available tomorrow (aka December 20th 2012) and will be the final downloadable course packs released for New Super Mario Bros 2.  They’re at the same price as most of the other packs, so if you want to buy the last ever downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros 2, you’ll getting that chance very soon.


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