Here’s some more Castlevania information!

Lots of interesting stuff here.  Right from the latest edition of Nintendo Power I’d assume.

It’s a direct sequel to Lords of Shadow.

Gameplay stretches across time, and you’ll eventually control Simon Belmont as well.  Does this imply some kind of time travel gimmick will be in the game, or just that the later parts of the game will take place many years later with a different character?

Because apparently, there will be different time periods you can explore with different characters.

Four playable characters in total with different abilities.  Reminds me a bit of one of the NES era Castlevania games, I think Castlevania 3. Apparently various areas will be explored by different characters, and you can’t explore certain areas with the wrong characters.

Simon uses the Vampire Killer whip, Trevor the Combat Cross.  Simon can also summon guardians to protect him (this reminds me of of the GBA or DS era games, can’t remember which, but some games had summons).

StreetPass and SpotPass features will be included.

All in all, it sounds a very interesting game, and the fact it uses things like StreetPass means the series has definitely moved on to integrate the main new features of the 3DS.  Could be some problems with this game however, the 2.5D gameplay mentioned by various previews might end up not being as good as the classic 2D stuff, with the ‘shifts into 3D’ mentioned making me think it could be a Metroid Other M like affair (albeit minus the terrible storyline).



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