Here’s How to Mod Your 3DS to Have Gamecube Controller Support!

Want to play Super Smash Bros for 3DS with a Gamecube controller, like you did with Melee and Brawl? Not interested in the idea of paying a decent chunk of change for a third party accessory?  Well if so, it looks like you’re in luck, since Youtube user dekuNukem has posted a tutorial on doing just that!  Here’s his guide to adding Gamecube controller support to Super Smash for 3DS:

The parts required cost about 12 dollars, and aren’t particularly difficult to buy.  Still a bit stuck?  Keep reading for some more useful info, like a photograph based guide the same person has posted on Imgur!

Here’s the Imgur version:

Here’s the official source code for the modification, available on GitHub:

And for those who don’t want to risk things themselves (for whatever reason), the video has information on how to contact this individual in order to get him to make the modification for you. Assuming you’re willing to send your 3DS over by post, like how they used to install capture cards.

So yeah. Enjoy playing Super Smash Bros for 3DS with a Gamecube controller! And all for less than the price of a single eShop game!


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