Having trouble with Dream Team’s Ring Puzzles? Help is at hand!

In Mario & Luigi Dream Team, there’s a certain part in the game where you have to get through some fairly annoying ring puzzles by bouncing around in ball form and not landing on the same space twice.  I even mentioned it in my ‘best and worst parts of Mario & Luigi Dream Team article’:


Above: Many people’s personal hell.

But while I struggled with them when playing the game the first time, I’ve now done a bit research and written down the answers to many of the puzzles instead.  So if you’re having trouble with a certain puzzle (or ten) in Somnom Woods, here’s a nice page of solutions that should help you out:


It’s mostly based on watching different videos and writing down the solutions people took to solve them when they played, but it’s the first ever guide I can find that actually answers how to get past these damn things.

Hopefully this helps anyone who’s having trouble with the ring puzzles in Mario & Luigi Dream Team, and stops them spending any more hours stuck on this ridiculous game mechanic.


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