Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaked Online

With a Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct on Friday and a mysterious new Pokemon called Magearna being revealed a few days ago, speculation has been rife about new Pokemon games.  As in, the next generation of Pokemon, to follow on from Pokemon X/Y versions.

And now, it seems some online trademark sleuth has come across listings for ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Pokemon Moon’ on the European trademark database.

Seriously, see for yourself:

pokemon sun

pokemon moon

And the logos in a larger size:

Pokemon Sun Logo

Pokemon Moon Logo

So are these the next installments in the Pokemon series? Well, quite probably. They’ve got listings on the EU trademark search (which only seems to list ones for actual Pokemon games or merchandise, not hypotheticals). There are decent quality logos provided, along with information pointing to Nintendo as the trademark owner.

The only things missing are an official confirmation from Nintendo and evidence of the games on other country trademark databases. Either way, it seems likely they’re the next games in the series!

Heck, they’ve even got an official Nintendo Twitter post confirming their release dates!

Oh… wait. Hang on a minute.

No they don’t. That’s not an official Nintendo account, it’s an obvious parody account with a very similar username. It’s not ‘Nintendo of America’ posting this, it’s ‘Ninlendo of America’. Note the use of an L where a T should be. Easy to confuse on Twitter, not at all easy to confuse once you embed the tweet elsewhere.

Unfortunately, everyone on the internet (or at least, a large portion of gaming sites) fell for it hook, line and sinker. Eurogamer, IGN, SiliconEra… all posted the fake tweet smack bang in the middle of their article as if it was the genuine thing. Just a tip guys; you might want to check your emails a bit more carefully too. Cause if you’re making this schoolboy error for gaming articles, then those nice folk in various remote parts of the world are likely themselves to your bank account too.

Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun have a good chance of being the next main series Pokemon titles. But Nintendo of America hasn’t officially announced them on Twitter.


EU Trademark Search (type in Pokemon)


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