HarmoKnight; A New Non Pokemon game from Game Freak?

We haven’t seen one of those since Drill Dozer on the Game Boy Advance, have we?  Either way, their new game was announced at today’s Nintendo Direct conference and it really does seem to be a very intriguing new game.

Basically, it’s a platformer crossed with a rhythm game.  Think of it as like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as crossed with a Mario like platformer, and that’s pretty much the basic gist of it.

There are some more interesting details though.  For example, did you know that at one point this was going to be a standard DS game and that about six months of development was spent on this before it got moved over to the 3DS?  I guess Game Freak never initially did get the hang of making 3DS games before now, and that this is their first attempt at working with the system.

Three playable characters are also selectable; Tempo, Laila and Jinbei & Symbi (they work together as if they were one character).  The former is the main character shown in the trailer and the knight the story centres around, the latter two use either a harp like a bow and arrow or team based attacks to take down enemies.

The story is as follows:

In order to stop the Noizido and their noise, Tempo and Tappy head to the Royal Kingdom of Symphonia to deliver the Legendary Wand, a wand that can rid Harmonia of Noise, to a HarmoKnight, who are the only ones capable of using the wand.

Another thing that’s a bit interesting is who the game was designed by.  That person was James Turner, the guy who designed the Vanilux evolutionary line and Vullaby, some Pokemon found in Pokemon Black and White and their sequels.

But enough text, here’s the trailer for the game from Nintendo Direct:

And here’s some more footage taken from the game’s official website showing the two additional playable characters and the boss battles:

Seems like this will be a fantastic game when it’s done, and a nice extra title for Game Freak to give them a break from the Pokemon series.  Hopefully it gets localised and released outside of Japan at some point in the future, but I suspect that’s basically a given with a title by Game Freak.


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