Hackers Find Evidence of DLC in Super Smash Bros 4?

Yes, it’s not even out in most of the world, and the game has already been decompiled to a decent enough extent that people are finding ‘beta’ content and stuff!  And as the title suggests, a few of these findings hint towards future DLC for the title, in the form of some mysterious looking arrow buttons…

dlcarrow2 dlcarrow1

Called chr_10_page_1.tex and chr_10_page_2.tex, they’re the same size as the character select icons and seem to be buttons used to move between character select screen pages. So you’d buy extra characters, and then a new character select menu would open up with the newcomers on it, accessible by clicking said button on the ‘main’ select screen. They also exist for stages too, hinting at stages being something Nintendo will be selling as well.

So DLC looks to be a thing. How will it be distributed? Will it come via downloads or Amiibo? Well, no one knows yet, but if that’s a chance to get King K Rool and Ridley playable, I’m definitely all for it. Paying a couple of quid to get my favourite characters as playable in Smash Bros? Where do I sign up?

But what do you think?  Do you think these icons found on the game card suggest DLC?  And would you buy downloadable content for this Super Smash Bros game?




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6 years ago

I would love some DLC if only to get my mewtwo and mabye another sonic character.

Mathew saline
Mathew saline
5 years ago

It would be awesome to play as rayman. they got sonic.

Derek Biggs
Derek Biggs
5 years ago

Id pay to get wolf and lucas back.