Grumble Volcano Has Been Remade in Mario Kart 7!

Well, we say remade… it’s a rather loose remake at best.  Here’s the video showing the new track in action:

So what’s there to say?  Well to be honest, it’s not a particularly good remake of the track.  Background scenery is sparse, the lava effects look pretty much awful, the music hasn’t been swapped with the correct song yet, a huge amount of details and obstacles are lacking… It’s a good first draft and all, but compared to the official versions, it just falls so flat.

Mario Kart 8 has nothing to be worried about:

Above: The video is the track’s world record.  In 2014 anyway.

But either way, it’s a decent enough start.  Maybe when it’s revised a bit more, and some custom obstacles are hacked into these new tracks, then we’ll get something more on the quality of the original level.

What do you think about this Mario Kart 7 custom track?


Mario Kart 7 Custom Track Grumble Volcano – Reddit


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