Giant Character Glitch Found in Super Smash Bros for 3DS!

As you probably know about the Super Smash Bros series, giant characters are generally a common fixture in the franchise.   But while the Super Mushroom and Giant Brawl/Melee/fight/whatever options let you play as pretty big versions of your favourites even within the rules of the game, a new glitch has been found that let’s you fight characters that are way bigger than even that!  Behold, Multi Man Smash’s Giant Character Glitch:

Because you see, in this mode (and only this mode), eating a giant character with Yoshi doesn’t work the way it’s meant to.  Instead, every time the character gets turned into an egg, they get bigger, by about twice the size or more.

The end result?  A Yoshi that’s literally as big as the screen.  It’s pretty amusing to watch really, just to see your character attempt to take down a foe that manages to tower over even the bosses and Giga Bowser with ease.

But what do you think?  Neat glitch? Maybe a bit disappointed it’s not doable in the normal vs mode?


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