Get 3DS XL for just £79 if trade in original 3DS at GAME

Well, here’s something that might make UK 3DS XL buyers happy, at least if they already own an original 3DS model.  GAME (a well known video game retail chain based in the UK) are offering the 3DS XL for just £79 if you trade in an old fashioned standard 3DS.

Given that the console usually retails for about £100 more than that, and how the 3DS trade in price is only between £50 and £70 at their stores usually, it’s a pretty decent deal that theoretically saves you about £30.

Now I admit it’s probably not a deal I’d go for, but that’s got nothing to do with the deal or company itself as much as the fact I don’t really like trading in my old consoles when buying new ones, especially not in the case of a newer model in the sense of the 3DS XL.  Didn’t buy a DSi back in the day either.

Still, it’s a neat enough deal I guess, so are UK members/visitors going to take them up on it?



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