German Let’s Player Starts Let’s Play of Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

As you probably know from the recent Nintendo Direct (and other news about the game), Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is scheduled to be released on December 4th in Europe and January 2016 in the US.  So as per the norm, the media is keeping pretty tight lipped about the game and how it plays, given that there’s a whole month away and Nintendo likely doesn’t want people knowing about the final boss and ending before it’s even out in Japan.

But somehow, it seems German Youtube Let’s Player Domtendo has a found away around these restrictions, and is actually beginning a full Let’s Play of the game, a whole month ahead of schedule!  Here are his videos so far:

He’s not very far into the game as of this point, and both the original game and commentary is all in German (so a good number of our readers likely won’t be able to understand any of it), but it’s still a very detailed look a game that’s actually quite a while away from being released in any part of the world.  Heck, give it two weeks or so, and we might even be able to see the game’s later bosses and ending before the game even hits the shelves!

So yes, what do you think?  Are you enjoying the early Let’s Play of Mario & Luigi Paper Jam? And what’s the chance Nintendo will let him get to the game’s ending before cracking down on the videos?



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