The Gaming Reinvented Content Contest Begins!

Do you fancy yourself a video game journalist? Have a game or gaming event you really wish to give your opinion on, but have nowhere to post it? Want to potentially win 200 dollars in video games of your choice?

If so, then you’re going to love the new writing contest at Gaming Reinvented. It’s pretty simple really; write a good article, and if it’s better than everyone else’s, you can win up to 200 dollars in video games of your choice. There’s no catch, no fees and nothing to worry about, it’s purely about who can write the best article on Gaming Reinvented.

Here’s how it all works:

  1. You register on Gaming Reinvented via the forums. This gives you access to the article posting features on the main site.
  2. Once you’ve registered, you return to the site and post your article. It can be a standard article, a review, a walkthrough or an interview.
  3. The article then gets added to a list of other articles posted by contest entrants.
  4. This contest will then end on the 22nd September. No wait, 23rd September, 10pm
  5. Then, each article is scored by a group of judges (once of which is myself). These judges will rate the article based on the following factors:
    1. How unique or interesting the topic of the article is. Things you can’t easily find elsewhere will score well here, while bland top/bottom ten lists and clickbait will score low.
    2. The written quality of the article. Does it flow well? Has anyone proofread the thing, or is it filled with spelling and grammar errors?
  6. Once everything else is done, the winner will be contacted and the prizes sent out.
    And that’s it.

So what are you waiting for? Write your dream article today!

[button removed, contest over]


Here are some miscellaneous FAQs for the new contest.

What games are allowed as prizes?

Any that are either available to buy or are due to be released in the near future.

How about game accessories?

Sure why not. As long as it comes to less than the 200 dollars the contest awards the winner in games. So if you’re desperate for Amiibo, or Lego Dimensions figures, or Skylanders figures or controllers or the NES Mini or anything else, that’s fine too.

How do you know what games to send?

There’s an input box on the registration form which can be used to list games you want in case you win the contest. This can also be edited at any time within the user settings panel on the forums.

We’re also having a topic where people can post what prizes they want, and this will be checked if said box is left empty.

And if they’re both empty? Then we’ll ask you personally.

What happens if I post two or more articles while the contest is running?

The article with the most effort put into it will be entered into the contest. Basically, whichever one would score highest if submitted will be the one entered into the contest.

Are there any additional restrictions in regards to what can be posted?

Your submission has to be gaming related. That’s about it as far as it goes in regards to what’s acceptable for a entry.

Can I reprint my article afterwards?

Yes, we don’t own your work. So you can post your entry on another gaming site, blog, wiki, forum, etc if you want to. We don’t require exclusivity here.

However, you do grant as a non revocable license to host your work on Gaming Reinvented. This means that once an article is submitted, it won’t be removed just because you changed your mind.

Where can I get images?

Anywhere you want. Okay, you have to obey the law here; we don’t want copyright issues due to users posting any old random thing they found in Google Search.

But either way, you can either upload your own images through the editor or use the large assortment of existing ones on the Gaming Reinvented site.

Does my submission have to be a written article?

Yes, though video and audio clips supporting the article are obviously allowed. But the main bulk of the content has to be in text format, and any lengthier clips should come with a transcript.

Can I make any money off my submission?

All normal systems on Gaming Reinvented are operational during this contest. If you want to run your own ads on your article, you can.

How do I know the contest is fair?

All results will be posted on Gaming Reinvented. This means we’ll soon have a full breakdown of every entry, complete with every judge’s score and comments for it. So you’ll be able to see exactly how your entry did, as well as how it compares with every other entry.

Are there any additional rules for content here?

Just the usual ones found on all content platforms. If your article is taken from someone else (and they haven’t given you their written consent to repost it), then it will be removed and your entry declined. Same goes if it breaks UK or US laws.

What if I don’t want to enter the contest or win anything?

If you win the contest and decline any prizes, the runner up will win instead. If they (or the next two hundred people after them) do the same thing, then the highest ranking person who does accept the prize will win.
And if you don’t want to enter at all? Well, you can always tell the staff directly via the forums.


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