GameStop is selling Nintendo 3DS eShop games now?

And if you’re one of the many people who wonders how the hell they’re trying to achieve this, join the club.  Apparently GameStop is selling downloadable eShop games.

No really:

Pushmo?  Not the only one either, they’re also selling Super Mario Land 2 for the 3DS eShop:

Apparently you get a download code and instructions on how to claim the games after buying them through their website.

Doesn’t this just seem incredibly pointless though? Isn’t it much easier to just go online via your 3DS and buy it directly from the eShop (and likely at a cheaper price)?  Apparently Amazon does this as well, which seems just about as unnecessary and pointless.

If you can buy them in store that’d be even funnier though.  Someone going to all the time and effort of driving to a retail shop and physically buying a 3DS download code just to drive back and use it on their 3DS.

Does anyone else think this seems like a rather ridiculous thing to be selling in an actual shop or outside the original service?


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Dadan Samoheng
9 years ago

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