Game Informer gives Link Between Worlds Perfect Review Score?

No, I can’t believe it either, but apparently it’s true.  And to add to this, the review goes far enough to actually say something like ‘I wouldn’t change anything about this game’.

So yes, to put it in the simplest way possible, Game Informer actually gave The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds a 10/10 review score.

But that’s just the score. Here’s a summary of some of the things they see in their review:

  • That they’re surprised at Nintendo’s willingness to shake up the Zelda formula.
  • That they love the item rental/purchase system and how it makes death a more terrifying prospect.
  • No more maps found in dungeons, with the full dungeon map being revealed the minute you walk in.
  • Some of the best dungeons and bosses in Nintendo history are included.
  • Most bosses are brand new, but a few return from the original Link to the Past.
  • You can explore the map at your leisure
  • “I wouldn’t change anything about this game”

Sounds extremely good to me!  Some of the best dungeons and bosses in Nintendo history?  A game that’s so perfect they wouldn’t want to change anything about it?  This game is starting to sound like it could be one of the best Zelda games of all time from this one review alone.

What do you think?  Is Game Informer’s review of Link Between Worlds encouraging?  Think you’ll probably end up agreeing with them?



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I was going to get this game anyways but no more dungeon maps!! Finally, I hated opening treasure boxes and finding those stupid pieces of paper.

Cole Holbrook
Cole Holbrook

Man, perfect? Thats pretty good! I am excited! (even if I don’t think its perfect I bet i will find it close)