Game Boy Advance Emulator Smuggled onto App Store Within Baby Naming App?

Having the games on Apple’s app store rip off Nintendo’s work isn’t new.  We’ve seen blatant clones of Pokemon, blatant clones of Mario,  Yoshi used as a protagonist and even rip off products like the fake Pokemon Yellow that did nothing but show a few pictures of the game.  But this has to be an interesting method of copyright infringement.

Some developer snuck a GBA emulator complete with ROMs on the App store by hiding it within a baby naming app.  No kidding, you just bought the app, pressed a few hidden buttons on the screen and were brought to a menu that allowed you to play pirated GBA games via a built in emulator.  Here’s how it worked:

hidden emulator


Now apparently, you technically didn’t get the games included by default, you had to find the ROMs and move them into the app’s folder on the iPhone memory to play them.  But either way, you could tell the intent to let people steal games and play them for free was there.  And the fact they actually tried to hide the interface inside an ‘innocent’ app is kind of interesting.  Perhaps more app store titles have hidden code for things like this?

Either way, the app was removed from the Apple app store earlier today so it’s too late to try any of this if you didn’t download it already.

What do you think of this whole situation?  Is it more than a tad worrying how many of the products on these app stores are either rip offs of Nintendo games or meant for illegal purposes like this?


P.S. This isn’t the first time an emulator or a ROM has been found hidden inside a commercial game or product.  Yeah, Datel beat them to it back in the Gamecube days by hiding a Metroid Fusion ROM in an unlicensed game they made for the system.  Read about that here…


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The Awesome SMW Haxor
The Awesome SMW Haxor
8 years ago

*_* WOW… Freaks me out.