Fusion Fangaming now Fusion Gameworks!

Which in case you’re wondering, goes along with their future focus on more than just fan games, such as entirely original indie titles for services like the 3DS and Wii U eShop (hopefully).

So why the change, at this time of any?  Well, put simply… the Spriter’s Resource was having quite a few issues over the last few weeks, and because of that, Fusion Fangaming was basically down for over a month.  Hence a new webhost (which has nothing to do with TSR) and name were in order as a way of reviving the site and removing the reliance on a third party with their own technical issues to resolve.

Want to read the original announcement about this?  Find the link to their new site?  Hear my thoughts on the change of address and (future) focus?  If so, keep reading!

First up, here’s the new address for the site to bookmark:


It’s pretty self explanatory for the most part, and works pretty well for what they want.  However, I do have to wonder why they chose a .net domain for the site given that the .com one is available to buy and is much easier to remember for your average user.  Isn’t that perhaps a bit counter-intuitive for what’s supposed to be an upcoming game development studio (and hence commercial business)?

Either way, the link on Nintendo 3DS Daily’s sidebar will be changed in due course.  Likely when the site is redesigned and replaced with a more modern looking one.

Secondly, here’s the original text for the announcement:

Fusion Fangaming (August 2, 2011 – April 6, 2014) is now Fusion Gameworks.

Fusion Gameworks resides on its own server that we have paid for. This means that we have absolutely 100% complete control over the contents of the server, as well as maintaining it. Since we are on our own server now, expect the server troubles we had when we were hosted by The Spriters Resource to be a thing of the past.

Our name change coincides with the Fusion Team’s desire to one day delve into the independent game development realm. Do not worry, as the fangames our team has become well known for will continue to be made available from this site. Fusion Gameworks will still support the fangame ideas of its members.

Since the move to our new server is still recent (May 2, 2014), a lot of features that were on Fusion Fangaming are unavailable or still under construction. Please be patient as we get everything up to speed on our new server.

We are back, but as Fusion Gameworks!

Again, it’s pretty self explanatory, and can be viewed over at their new site at the following link:


Finally, for the new focus on independent games as well as fan games… I’m for it.  I mean, with the kind of design and development skills behind Super Mario Fusion Revival:


And Mushroom Kingdom Fusion:

I think they could bring some pretty amazing original 2D games to the market.  I mean, their fan games alone are impressive enough to put most of the other 2D indie platformers out there to shame (in both the engine and the technical aspects of things like the graphics and music), their indie games could be better still.  And we all know that in this day and age, we really need some more super awesome detailed 2D platformers of say, a Wario Land 4 or Yoshi’s Island level of quality.  Especially ones available to get on the eShop, app store or Steam.

But what do you think about this change?  Are you a fan of Fusion Fangaming/Fusion Gameworks?  And do you think their future indie games could be extremely awesome when they finally end up on the likes of Steam and major video game console platforms?


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Perhaps you ought to change your affiliate link, then. 🙂