Fire Emblem Awakening could have been the last Fire Emblem Game

That’s if the sales were poor anyway.  Here’s an interesting quote from an interview with the developers in Spanish gaming magazine “Hobby Consola”:

Question: Fire Emblem has had a long lifetime. Do you get the feeling it gets harder to release a new episode every time?

Yamagami: No doubt. Truth be told, sales are dropping. The sales manager of Nintendo, Mr. Hatano, told us that this could be the last Fire Emblem. Due to this progressive descend on sales, they told us that if the sales of this episode stayed below 250,000 copies, we’d stop working on the saga. I remember when I came back from the meeting and told the team “My God, what are we gonna do?! The end has come!”. Our reaction was clear: if this was going to be the last Fire Emblem, we had to put everything we always wanted to include. That’s how this new project was born!

In other words, if Awakening had failed to sell… that’d be it for Fire Emblem as a franchise.  So be grateful people, it’s your support for the game that’s kept the series from being cancelled for low sales!  That’s a pretty close call if you ask me…

Are you glad Fire Emblem Awakening did so well?  And what would you be thinking if Fire Emblem had been cancelled as a series?



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[…] to know that, in an interview with a Spanish magazine, the developers of Fire Emblem: Awakening spoke about creating the title and what it meant for the future of the series. Nintendo’s sales […]


I am really glad that this game sold so well. It is a very good game, and has become my favorite Fire Emblem to date. I’m happy that this game wont be the last of the Fire Emblem series, but it would have been a very good note to leave off on!


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