Fantastic New Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Art!

In fact, I’d go as far as to say the artwork for this game is some of the best Nintendo related official art I’ve seen in years, with an absolute ton of personality and character put in every single picture.  Like this awesome pic of Luigi escaping some ghosts while fearing for his very life:

Luigi run


There is just so much to love in this picture.  The ghosts hunting Luigi down, Luigi looking like he’s about to have a panic attack (complete with the sweat running down his neck), the detail and great lighting in the falling apart, dilapidated mansion.  I wish more Nintendo games had artwork like this.

Luigi ghost catch


There’s also this great pic showing Luigi cornering a ghost in one of the mansions.  Again, I love the lighting and shadow effects in this picture, and think it looks far more interesting than your standard video game artwork.

Luigi chase ghost dog


Finally, we’ve got Luigi chasing down the ghost dog from the Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon trailers. This has to be another really neat piece of artwork, I love the goofy expression of the ghost’s face, the glowing paw prints leading to the left side of the image or Luigi’s chasing pose right out of Tom and Jerry.

If Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is anywhere near as good as the artwork Nintendo have released to promote it, it will definitely be one of the best 3DS games in a while and a more than worthy successor to the Gamecube original.

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Dear Nintendo,
Please announce a release date in the USA, I’m so excited, I would really like to know as well as hundreds or even more Americans

Signed A Loyal Fan,