Fans Developing New Super Mario Bros 2 Editor

As you’ve probably figured out in the past, lots of Mario games have level editors available for them.  Super Mario Bros 1 to 3.  Super Mario World.  Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy.  Heck, you’ve even got ones for Super Mario RPG, the Mario & Luigi series and Yoshi’s Island!

But for whatever reason, it seems some people wish to make custom levels for New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS.  You know, this game:

So say hello to the newest Mario series level editor, Coin Killer!  Currently in development on the Mario hacking site Kuribo64 (also the home of editors for Super Mario 64 DS and Super Mario Galaxy), it will enable fans to edit various aspects of Mario’s coin collecting adventure, presumably including the levels, overworld maps and other aspects.  The source code for it can be found on Github at the link below:

Coin Killer New Super Mario Bros 2 Level Editor – Github

You can also follow the editor’s development in their official forum topic for it here:

NSMB 2 editor Upcoming – Kuribo64

But what do you think?  Is the idea of a level editor for New Super Mario Bros 2 something that interests any of you Mario fans at Gaming Reinvented?  Or has Super Mario Maker moved you away from these unofficial tools altogether?

What do you think?


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