Famitsu’s Long Awaited Announcement; Could it be E3 related?

In the last issue of the magazine (aka this week’s issue), Famitsu is teasing a long-awaited announcement, as well as a new game by a popular game maker.  Here’s a translation of what they say is due soon:

Entry of a new title produced by that popular game maker!

New information get on titles attracting attention overseas!

That news’ the world has long-awaited announced at last!

But while people are wondering what type of games Famitsu could be referring to, I realised something that could be relevant here.

What event is due in under a month?  E3.  What games are Nintendo going to be showing at Nintendo Directs just prior to E3?

Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart U, Super Mario 3D Wii U or whatever it’s called, Monolith Soft’s new game…

Super Smash Bros

Above: A game like Super Smash Bros 4 fits all the mysterious ‘requirements’ for the announcement

Now look at that list again, and any one of those games could fit the bill perfectly.  Think about it:

Entry of a new title produced by that popular game maker!

Nintendo’s a popular game maker for obvious reasons, and any one of the games mentioned is a new title by them in a long running series.

New information get on titles attracting attention overseas!

Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, X, Zelda or maybe Retro Studios game are all games that will attract lots of attention outside of Japan.  And we’re getting new information about them at E3.

That news’ the world has long-awaited announced at last!

People across the world have waited years for these games, and this will be the time they get to see them for the first time.

It all kind of adds up, doesn’t it?  Even more importantly, let’s go back a bit to Nintendo’s last announcement about these titles and when they’ll be announced:


We will discuss new Smash Bros., 3D Mario game, Mario Kart and other Wii U titles in our #NintendoDirectNA before the start of E3

So before E3, we’ll get a Nintendo Direct that includes info on Smash Bros, 3D Mario and Mario Kart.  Given that E3 starts in about three weeks or so, before E3 could mean anything from ‘end of May’ to ‘beginning of June’.

Now let’s go back to a rumoured schedule we posted about a week ago:


The first Nintendo Direct mentioned there was supposedly meant to occur in late May or early June.  Seeing as Famitsu is a weekly publication and the next issue should be due on about the 29th or 30th of May, this would tie in very well with an ‘end of May’ Nintendo Direct announcing some of these games and talking about what’s to come in Nintendo’s E3 coverage.

I’m also not sure what else it could be.  Game and Wario or Animal Crossing? Out in Japan already, so they wouldn’t be ‘announced’ and it wouldn’t be ‘new information’.  Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros, Mario Golf World Tour, Mario Party 3DS or Yoshi’s Island 3?  Possible, but I don’t think it’d be ‘news the world has long-awaited at last’.  Pokemon X and Y?  Maybe, but it wouldn’t exactly be Famitsu exclusive, Pokemon Smash is giving out new information every week now… Hence I’d assume the game in question is probably going to be something we have little to no information about.

Game and Wario US Boxart250px-Animal_Crossing_Jump_Out_Boxart_(Japanese)

Above: Game and Wario and Animal Crossing New Leaf are easily ruled out here

Pokemon X box art Pokemon Y box art

Above: Although Pokemon X and Y could plausibly be the titles referred to, along with certain other games.

So it seems very possible that this mysterious announcement could be something from Nintendo’s pre E3 Nintendo Direct presentation and could be one of the major games Nintendo has announced will be present during the event.   Don’t quote me on that or hate on the site if I’m wrong, it’s just a theory based on the evidence provided, but I do think it seems like Famitsu could be referring to E3 and a pre E3 Nintendo Direct with this hint.

What do you think? Do you think these hints of a new announcement in the next Famitsu issue refer to a pre E3 Nintendo Direct presentation and a major game like Smash Bros 4? Or is it another instance where Famitsu is overhyping themselves and doesn’t have a clue what people outside of Japan are interested in?




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