Ever Oasis Announced for 3DS!

It’s another new IP from Nintendo! Yes, Ever Oasis is a new RPG series made by Nintendo and Grezzo. Here’s the first ever trailer for it, straight from Nintendo’s E3 livestream:

So what is the game? Well, it’s basically an action RPG with city builder elements. Basically, you create your own oasis, building and running shops and businesses to get characters to live in your oasis. You then join up with said characters to explore the world, fight monsters and explore dungeons for treasure.

And where are these dungeons located? In giant pots of course! Hmm, wonder where I’ve seen that idea before?

Above: Seems the game takes more than a bit of influence from Super Mario Bros 2…

Combat wise, it’s your typical action RPG stuff. Press X for strong, slow attacks. Press A for fast and quick ones. Dodge around the enemies in what seems to be real time, and lock onto them like in a Zelda game if you keep missing. As per the typical RPG format, certain characters are stronger against others, and they all have their own abilities that can be used both in and out of battles.

Talking of which, the outside battle gameplay seems to be a bit like that in a Zelda game, or perhaps a Mario RPG. You run out, solve puzzles with special abilities and see your enemies on the overworld before fighting them.

Storyline wise, it’s all simple stuff. Your character is called Tethu, and their brother has been kidnapped by the main antagonist. Said villain (who’s called Chaos) is apparently turning the creatures of the desert into monsters, and you have to defeat them to change them back. Yeah, it’s the sort of story you’d get in a NES or early Game Boy game to be honest.

So that’s some basic details about the game. But what do I think about this game in particular?

Well, I’m a bit conflicted really. On the one hand, it’s nice that Nintendo is creating new IPs. As well as how Grezzo is actually making their own game for once rather than spinoffs of existing franchises and ports of titles by other people.

It’s also quite neat how the RPG and simulation elements are mixed into the same game. That’s something I haven’t seen too much of since the good old days of Actraiser on the SNES. So there’s promise there too.

However, I do have concerns. For one thing, it’s yet another RPG on the 3DS. Okay, people do like that genre, and people probably will buy this game regardless. But still, it’s up against everything from Mario & Luigi to Pokemon and Bravely Second. Competition is fierce on this system, and a generic game could just as easily be lost in the crowd.

And then there’s the art style. Does it look bad? Well, not really.

But it doesn’t really look all too inspiring to me. Reminds me a bit much of Tri Force Heroes, which makes sense given the developer.

Either way, that’s Ever Oasis for you. But does Grezzo’s first original game look like something you’d want to buy?


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Seems kind of kiddy to me, but might be good.