Even More New Super Mario Bros 2 Artwork!

Not quite sure where this was originally from, best guess would be some official site or some press release that was just made available recently.  But you can now see some high quality pieces of artwork showing the Koopalings, a general level scene and all the items below:

A 50 coin block.  Not sure why Nintendo has decided it was worth making official art of, but oh well.

A Gold Brick Block.  Why this needs art I have no idea, looks like a quickly/cheaply done recolour of the standard brick.

The block that gives you the invincible form is back.  This time however, you’re not Tanooki Mario but invincible Raccoon Mario, which makes a bit of sense.  Guess they didn’t want to put both the Tanooki Suit and Raccoon Leaf in this game.

The Gold Flower. You know what this does by now.  But there’s something more interesting next…

A Gold Mushroom?  Hang on, if the Gold Flower makes you Gold Mario, what the hell does this thing do?  Another new form of sorts?

Just the regular items from this game.  Not sure why these needed new artwork, but I guess I’ll let Nintendo be the judge of that.

However, something else caught my eye here…

It’s the Mini Mushroom and Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros!  Haven’t seen the latter in a while, but damn it’ll be sweet to smash Koopaling heads in as Mega Mario or beat up Reznor as an invincible giant!

Some nice screenshots.  I do like the sunset effect in the second one, anyone else agree?

Unfortunately, it seems world 2’s a desert again.  Freaking hell Nintendo, how unimaginative can you get?

Finally, the most awesome new pieces of artwork.  Click them to view the full versions, although watch out, they’re about 5+ MB in size each, and will take forever to load.



Freaking awesome pictures aren’t they?

Still, that’s all the latest screenshots of New Super Mario Bros 2, which is looking more and more interesting by the day (I’m actually moderately excited for it now!). What do you think of the artwork?  Do you plan to buy New Super Mario Bros 2?


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