European Scribblenauts Unlimited release delayed because of spelling?

Well, this is an interesting reason to delay a game.  Apparently, the reason the games were delayed here in Europe was because they contained American versions of words rather than the British English versions, hence the games were delayed to fix it and make them playable by people in the UK.

Still, I can’t blame them for this.  Yes it sounds ridiculous, but people over here are used to spellings like colour, neighbour and other such spellings, so to only accept the US versions in input would significantly harm the playability of the title.  Similarly, I wonder what happens if you type in ‘chips’ in one of these games.  Do you get French Fries or crisps?  If that wasn’t changed either that could have certainly made the game less playable.

So it’s probably related to the differences in spelling across two variants of English.  What do you think about this unusual reason for Scribblenauts Unlimited’s delay in Europe?



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