Etrian Odyssey IV Announced for 3DS

Well, Nintendo did say the Etrian Odyssey series was one of those that would be getting a new game on the 3DS back in 2010, and now it seems like such a game is confirmed to be coming in the future!

It’s Japanese full title is ‘Sekaiju no Meikyuu IV: Densetsu no Kyojin’.  No idea what this means, I only recognise the Densetsu bit from far too many other Japanese games title to list.

However, we do know about some of the game’s content. It’ll have difficulty levels to make the game more accessible to newcomers, including a casual mode.  This can apparently be changed at any time during gameplay if the person playing wants a bit more of a challenge (or I guess struggling with the default settings).  Nice idea, although I do think it somewhat cheapens the whole purpose of choosing a difficulty level to begin with.

And there are some job classes known about, such as sword man, medic, dancer, and sniper.

So, that said, is anyone excited for this game?  Because while I’ve not played any games in the series, it does seem like the games have been fairly well received by critics and players alike, and the addition of an easier difficulty setting might address the major problem some sources complain about, that of it being too difficult/only for the hardcore.


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