Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion; More Screenshots!

They show more Disney characters featured in the game too, like Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) and Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan), as well as the ‘no not Malecifent honest’ character Mizrabel, who was the villain in the original Castle of Illusion game.  Have a look:

Why does the main villain in this series always seem to take the appearance of a random well known female Disney villain?

Wondered what a Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse and Beauty and the Beast crossover would look like? Well here’s your answer. Interesting, Mr Cricket doesn’t seem to even show up on the top screen, and it looks a bit odd if you ask me.

Another screenshot. Seems to be of a haunted house/castle level, and helps confirm that those weird Mushroom creatures seem to be enemies.

Travelling across the rooftops.  I’m going to assume this level is based on Peter Pan, the short part of the story before they reached Neverland.  More Mushroom enemies too, and they look really out of place in this location.

Mickey talks to Goofy on the pirate ship.  Of interest are the Pete shaped Thwomp like creatures, there’s definitely some inspiration taken from the Mario series in this area!

So yeah, there are some new screenshots of Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion.  It really does look like a neat 2D platformer, with a fantastic art style and a level of charm almost unheard of  in today’s 2D platformers.  And hey, it’s even a crossover without all the angst and drama of the Kingdom Hearts series, which is nice to see!


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