Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion has just Three Worlds?

No seriously, the Nintendo World Report preview with the info about the world based on The Little Mermaid says that it’s the final world and holds a climatic battle with Mizrabel, the main villain.

Doesn’t this seem a tad short to anyone else?  I mean, it’s not the only platformer with only a few worlds (Super Mario Land 1 had just four of them), but for a modern 2D platformer it doesn’t seem like the best value for money.

Heck, compared to the older Mickey Mouse games this is kind of short to be honest. Look at Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and the worlds that game had:

  1. The Haunted Forest
  2. Toyland
  3. Mountains and Temples
  4. The Study Room
  5. Castle

Isn’t it a little sad that a game made in 2012 for a powerful console like the 3DS has less worlds than it’s predecessor from back in the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis days? You’d think that with the improved tech capabilities of a modern video game console that the sequel would be about twice as long as the original.

Still, the original game had about three or four levels a world, so maybe it’ll turn out this installment will be much the same and the three worlds will have three or four long levels each.


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