Epic Mickey 2 Power of Illusion Screenshots

Some new screenshots of Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion, the 2D Mickey Mouse platformer coming to the 3DS fairly soon.  They seem to be showing a jungle world or something this time around (perhaps a clue to some more Disney franchises being represented?)  Here are the screens:

What looks like a jungle level, complete with suspiciously Pete like Thwomp creatures.  Wonder what the blocks with A and B on them do?  Because they look like the type of element which has some gimmick to them, probably one the level is based around.

Inside a castle of sorts.  No idea who the character next to Mickey is, did Disney ever make a movie about Rapunzel outside of the recent film Tangled?  Because Wikipedia doesn’t list anything, and this doesn’t look like the kind of game to reference recent movies.

Mickey swinging on a rope.  Looks like the castle and jungle like settings are right next door to one another.

Mickey talking to Wendy from Peter Pan, presumably in a level based on the part of the movie prior to everyone going to Neverland.

What looks to be another part of the same level.  It’s very hard to tell where exactly the level is meant to be set, my guess is probably in the Peter Pan themed city area shown in the previous screen, maybe halfway up a skyscraper.

Mickey jumps across a clock face.  God, 2D platformers love to have you jump around a clock tower, don’t they?  What next, Mickey will end up hanging from the clock hands in a manner spoofing those old silent comedy movies?

So that’s more Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion screens.  They look pretty nice, and certainly show that the game has a lot of variation with the level themes (perhaps a bit too much, I distinctly recall Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse simply having themed worlds like the Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog games of the time).

What do you think of Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion?  Do the screenshots look nice and make you want to buy it?


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