Emio Edge Joystick Actually Doesn’t Work with NES Classic Mini

As far as video games are concerned, false advertising is a depressing common occurrence. You’ve got games where the marketing claims just don’t add up or refer to missing features (like No Man’s Sky). You’ve got games where the trailers seem to be better than the real thing (like Sonic Boom or Aliens Colonial Marines). And heck, you’ve even got games where the PR statements make false claims about content not included within.

But absolutely none of these compare to the situation with EMiO and their Edge Joystick controller.

emio controller


Because despite being advertised as a NES Mini peripheral, the controller doesn’t work.


You plug in the controller and it doesn’t do anything. It works fine for Wii and Wii U games, but is outright incompatible with the NES Classic Mini system.

And that’s a pretty big problem here. Why? Because the controller was marketed specifically as one for the NES Classic Mini. It lists the NES Mini as compatible on the box, it’s listed in product descriptions and PR statements. Heck, there’s even a free cheat book for the NES Classic Mini’s games packaged with it when you buy the product!

However, because it doesn’t actually work with the NES Classic Mini, all this information is now moot. For all extents and purposes, the controller is now a brick for anyone who doesn’t own a Wii or Wii U.

It’s also been taken down online too. So if you’re looking to buy it from Amazon, tough luck. They’ve disabled the purchase button and marked the item as ‘temporarily out of stock’. And other retailers (like Best Buy) have actually issued a recall for the device.

So yeah, the controller doesn’t actually work. If you bought one, go and get a refund as soon as possible.


PSA: The Edge Joystick by EMiO will not work with your NES Mini (Reddit)


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