Eevee Themed Nintendo 3DS Coming May 15th

It’s been rumoured for a while, but now a promotion poster advertising the new 3DS XL design has been spotted over in Japan.  Here’s the poster mentioning it’s May 15th reveal:

Pokemon Eevee 3DS Design poster

Unfortunately, Nintendo haven’t revealed the actual design yet (I assume this is what’s going to be revealed on May 15th), and it’ll also apparently be pretty difficult to get a hold of (from what I hear you have to win a special lottery for the chance to even buy one).  Either way, a new 3DS XL design is coming soon, and it’s probably going to be one a lot of Pokemon fans wish will be made available outside of Japan.

Are you interested in this new Eevee themed 3DS XL?


Eevee Themed Nintendo 3DS to be revealed May 15th – My Nintendo News


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