Eevee Themed 3DS Finally Revealed!

If you read this site a while back, you may have heard about an Eevee themed 3DS design that was going to be available in Japan sometime in the future.  Here’s an article about it:

Back then however, no one had idea what said system was going to look like. Now though, May 15th has come and Nintendo has finally revealed what the system is like.  Here’s a picture:

Eevee 3DS

As you can see, it’s got some varying stripes in different colours on the front and a nice picture of Eevee on the back, and is a tad more interesting to look at than the Pikachu themed one revealed even further back.

So there’s the new Eevee themed 3DS for you.  It’s probably not going to be released outside Japan and it’s apparently being given away in extremely limited quantities, but I’d say the design is pretty good regardless.

What do you think of this special Eevee themed 3DS?


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