Earthbound Beginnings Announced for the Virtual Console

Yes, it’s official.  During Nintendo’s pre show in the Nintendo World Championships, Nintendo announced a game that no one ever expected.

Namely, Earthbound Beginnings.

What is it?

Mother 1, translated into English (officially) for the first time ever.  Here’s a trailer of the game from their official channel:

So what can we say?  The first ever Mother game finally get an English translation?  Nintendo is actually translating games that were previously not even released outside of Japan?

That they even remember the Mother series exists?

It’s like a dream come true for Earthbound’s fanbase, isn’t it?  All we need now is Mother 3, and the whole trilogy will be complete and available to buy in English for the first time in history.

What do you think about Earthbound Beginnings’ announcement?


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