Dragon King Tournament 3DS XL; A Better Picture

A couple of days ago, we mentioned how a super rare special edition 3DS XL was being given to the winner of a Japanese Pokemon tournament.  And how said 3DS system was so rare that only one of these systems would ever be made.

Unfortunately, that didn’t come with a good picture of the system itself.  But hey, that’s all changed now, so read the full post if you want to see a much bigger picture of this special 3DS XL system, one which might make you even more excited for this one of a kind console!

Here it is:


As you can see, it looks pretty damn stylish, even from the top.  Pity none of us will probably ever get to own it, given its ridiculous level of rarity and how the console is only going to be available to one winner in a one time Pokemon X and Y tournament in Japan…


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