Disney Smash Bros; A Decent Scrapped Idea?

Finding characters for a viable mascot fighter game like Super Smash Bros can be a challenge, Sony’s lack of suitable ones led to the disappointing roster in Playstation All Stars and the lack of other companies with their own characters tends to be why so few such games even exist.

But Disney making their own Super Smash Bros like fighting game with figures of their famous characters? That actually sounds like a decent idea.

This isn’t idle speculation either.  Documents and concept art have been leaked showing a Disney crossover fighting game that was once in production at Buena Vista Games.  Here’s the concept art:

Disney Smash Bros 1





And really, it seems like a great idea for a new game.

Why? Because Disney is probably the one company I can name that has the right amount of characters and franchises to make such mascot spinoffs actually plausible. From the cast of their great animated movies to characters from their TV series, amusement park rides and maybe even Pixar movies, Disney has a whole host of possible playable characters to use. Not to mention all the settings and items they could probably come up with based on these fictional universes.

lionkingsnes Castle of Illusion Duck Tales

Imagine a Subspace Emissary with stuff based on Duck Tales, Castle of Illusion, Aladdin and the Lion King!

Additionally, the characters actually seem distinct enough that a fighting game with them would work. What was a big problem with a lot of other Smash Bros attempts like Sony’s one? The fact many of the characters were fairly standard humans. But Disney’s characters aren’t. Everyone can figure out which Toy Story or Monsters Inc character is which or that each of the Lion King, Hercules or Peter Pan characters is entirely different from the other. It seems like it’d also be pretty easy to give each distinct Disney character their own unique moveset too, with even less clones than in the actual Smash Bros titles (can you honestly think of many Disney characters who’d play the same as one another?)

There’s also the whole nostalgia/mass appeal factor. Disney is hugely popular to the same degree as Nintendo, and I suspect there would be an absolutely massive audience who’d be willing to buy a game that had their favourite Disney characters beat each other up. Certainly far more people than would care for the Playstation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Cartoon Network Smash Bros clones.

If any company has the perfect set of characters and franchises to build a good Smash Bros style crossover game around, Disney is it. And it really is a shame the whole concept was scrapped, the game would probably sold fantastically if it was even half decent.

Do you agree? Would a Disney version of Super Smash Bros be a great idea for a game?