Disney; No More Ties in due to Disney Infinity

Say what you like about the price of the figures, Disney Infinity is an interesting concept on it’s own.  But to make it even better, Disney have actually announced they won’t be making more tie in games while Disney Infinity is being updated by extra figures, playsets and ‘downloadable’ (uploadable?) content.  Here’s what they have to say on the matter:

In the past, we used to do a game based on Tangled, and a game based on Tron, and a game based on Epic Mickey, and every single time whether it was an internal developer or external developer, we were starting from scratch. That team, starting with the film-makers and establishing the relationship, that always takes a very long time, right? Creating brand new character art, brand new animations, brand new game mechanics, they’re building a game from scratch. Our idea was, what if we created a platform that all the content could live in? From a development perspective, we can leverage all of the existing work that we’ve done, so that there may be another character similar to Mr. Incredible in terms of having super strength.

I have to say, this is actually a fairly clever and not at all selfish idea (a rarity from a multi billion dollar corporation like Disney).  Instead of making seperate games based on their latest movies and starting from scratch every time, they’ll be merely adding the new content onto Disney Infinity and using it as the platform for the new content.

That’s arguably a really good decision to be honest.  Why start from scratch and put tons of unneeded effort into rushing out an entirely seperate game for each movie when you can just release a new world and a few new figures for an already existing one?  It might cut down significantly on the amount of poor quality shovelware being released to tie in to recent movies, and do what people have thought was long since impossible; kill off terrible movie tie in games.

Here’s hoping this whole plan works out, I’d definitely much prefer additional content for a high quality Disney game with all the features of Disney Infinity than a million crappy movie tie in games rushed out in a manner of months to try and cash in on the latest movie.  And it’d also mean the shelves at the likes of GAME, GameStop and EB Games won’t be packed to the brim with mediocre garbage like ‘Disney Princesses 3; Horse Riding Edition’.

What do you think?  Is Disney’s plan to merely add new content to Disney Infinity to represent their new movies better than releasing a whole bunch of low quality movie tie in games to do the same thing?