Disney letting people choose the Epic Mickey Power of Illusion Box Art!

Yeah, they’ve posted two possible choices for the game’s box art on their Facebook page and have asked people who liked the game to vote on which one they want to see in the comments.  Here are the two box art choices:

It’s not much of a difference.  However, the one at the left shows the Disney villains looking out from each of their respective world portals while the one on the right merely shows the portals and Mickey.  Personally, I think the first one looks just that bit more interesting due to the added detail, and the game really does need all the help it can get to prove traditional platformers can sell, so the added villains might make a few more kids decide to buy the game.

That’s why I’d personally hope for box art 1, and from what I see on their Facebook page, most of the commenters agree with me here.

If you want to vote on it, visit their Facebook page here:


or here for the exact link:


Which of these possible box art images do you think Disney should use for Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion on 3DS and why?


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