Charizard has Multiple Mega Evolutions!

Yes, you heard that right!  Disappointed that Mega Charizard was still Fire/Flying type and wondered why it wasn’t now a Dragon?   Wondered why its design was so close to the original rather than something ridiculously new looking like Mega Mewtwo X or what not?

Well it turns out the reason for this is simple; there’s a Mega Charizard X and a Mega Charizard Y!  And the one we saw is only the latter!

Here’s a few pictures of it:

Mega Charizard X

MegaCharizardX1 MegaCharizardX2 MegaCharizardX3 MegaCharizardX4 MegaCharizardX5

And here’s the trailer for it:

The real interesting part about this isn’t just that this form exists though; nor that it’s got a brand new colour scheme and a slightly more badass design than before.  Nope, it comes in the form of its abilities.

You see, it’s now a Fire/Dragon type!  It now has the Tough Claws ability!  And now it’s bigger and bulkier than it ever was before, as well as capable of using all kinds of mean Dragon attacks!

So yeah, looks like people’s wishes have been granted, you’ve now got a super tough new Charizard mega form which takes away part of its Stealth Rock weakness, makes it a Dragon type like the fans wanted and boosts its power to an all new level!

What do you think of Mega Charizard X?



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