Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Screenshots

First screenshots of this game, and I have to say it is looking to be an interesting one.  True, the game isn’t using the sprite graphics that were so beloved in the SNES, GBA and DS era, but it’s looking pretty decent despite being in 3D.  At least, much better than the likes of the mediocre Nintendo 64 installments and various other attempts made to bring the series into 3D before, and it sort of reminds me of Mario 3D Land gameplay style wise.  As in, a linear 3D platformer type game which directly translates the style of the sidescrollers into 3D without turning it into a open world collectathon.

Here they are:

Yeah, the game looks pretty good I’d say, and I’m cautiously optimistic that it could be a fantastic 3D Castlevania game, however foreign the concept sounds to some people.


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